Mama needs help

Mama needs help

Pls Help her pls continue to help my mother Leonaga “Ganda” T. Larena naa s ICU Holy Child Hospital she need all ur prayers and financial assistance if u want to help me pls call me n dis 0926-800-2946 we need ur HELP so badly
Full name Larena, Josefino Jr. Tulabing ID NO F2008-003-B
Address Quiamco CPD Airport Area Sibulan Neg.Or.
Company Address : ST. Paul University Dumaguete


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March 18, 2013 · 11:24 am

Prayers 4 my mama Gud Health

Prayers 4 my mama Gud Health

To all my my relatives & friends pls continue to pray 4 gud health and Healing 4 mama Gand Tulabing Larena

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December 22, 2012 · 7:30 am

Handumanan sa Dumaguete

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Remembering Demetrio “Tito Pororoy” Teves Larena III

Demetrio Teves Larena III was born Oct. 16,1946 in Bais City the son of  Carmen Baena Teves and former Bais Mayor Dodong Rubio Larena, the grandson of Gov. Demetrio Larena the first civil governor of Negros Oriental and great grandson of Don Pedro Pinili Teves. A devoted Protestant and first City Agriculturist of Bais.


Tito Poroyroy to all of us a first degree cousin, best friend & eight time relative to my late father Pino Villanueva Larena.They grow up together with good things around them, he is the Godfather of my eldest brother Jojo.I often  see him in family gatherings in Bais and San Jose. During my college days when our family experienced financial difficulties  help us  to make our life better.When Tito Pororoy heard that I already finished my  masters degrees, he  texted me before my graduation rites and congratulated me. ” Congrats i am so proud of you “.Tito never end support always there for us from time to time we see each other in Silliman University Church and most especially after church service and talk, the last time i saw him was a memorial service for tita Alming Ponce de leon Hidalgo.


I  will miss him for the wisdom, encouragement, appreciation of all the works i done for our community. He is a person who helped our relatives who are in need and a Pilar to the Larena Clan, organized  Katacgahan Cemetery visits, party, collecting old pictures of our relatives, and organized reunion for our clan, jokes and gentle laugh.


Jojo and  i lost again a father  thru tito Pororoy .But i know that he will be meeting God, his best friend Papa Pino , lolo Dodong & Lolo David.Thank you for take care of Mama, Jojo and me.


I will remember him as part of our family our knight in shining armor and our Hero .He will always be in our heart and soul as a Goodman to relatives and close-friends with a golden hearts, who loved history and preserving our family heritage.


We will miss all your invitations and texts, I am not saying goodbye or Farewell to you tito but i hope to see you in the near future.


Thank you so much for your eternal generosity to our family and keeping a beautiful Memories with us .We Love you so much.

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Dulce de Bais

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8th Tulabing Clan Reunion 2011

venue : St. Cruz Auditorium Palanas,Bgy St. Cruz ,Tanjay City
Time 8am -4pm
Date APRI.9,2011 Sat.

Clusters and its Representative

* Diplahan –Carlos Tulabing

* Kabasalan- Emma Demegillo

* Naga -Presly/ Roger Tulabing

* Ipil –  Marissa Belida

* Sindangan -Felipe Tulabing

* Manukan- Porferio Tulabing

* Dipolog- Danilo Tulabing

* Tanjay -Gildard Tulabing- 09396092399 & 09179169495

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Simplicio Tulabing /Francisca Torres .Buquiran Familytree

Simplicio Tulabing father is Fabian Tulabing ,Simplicio has 5 more brothers 1. Tomas,2. Francisco3_________4__________5___________

1. QUIRINO Tulabing / MA. ENCARNACION   JAIME                           

1.   Angelita                                                                                                                                             

   2.   Beatriz                                                                                                                         

    3.   Caridad/Jose Catoc                                       


          Ma. Lourdes, Ma. Estrella,                         

          Joselito/ Rowena Panelo                       

     4.   Delicia                                                      

      5.  Eduardo                                                     

       6.  Francisca                                                                                            

       7.  Gotaciano/ Florita Olalia                        


              a, Jimmie/ Francia Reyes                            

              b. Anne/  Adonis Calagui                      

              c.  John/ Cherryl                                                                           

              d.  Joseph/ Marjorie                                      

 8.     Helen/ Edgar Dagdag                            


              Mary Rose Celiine                                                                                                                                                                 

              9.    Idolito/Josefina                                                                                       


              Jojo Michael

2. REGINO  Tulabing/AUGUSTINA CINCO                                    

1.   Regina Tulabing / Severo Catubay                                                                             

       a.  Carmelita/Rudy Aliste               


         Totot, Ring-ring, RJ, Em-em          


b.   Josefina –                                            


John Paul                               

c.   Dionnie/Edith                            


   Tavio Mignon, Mitus                

Bokaoy, Majouy                      

d.    Lito/ Susan                                   


         Dondon, Bryan, Rene,            

          Michael, Carla                             

f.    Danny/ Pita                              



   g.   Rene /                                          


       Mariane, Gricel, Shaira                                    

   H. LEO/ Marites

           Sibling  Nice –nice

  1. Marithel /Jun


                Dustin, Kipoy, Lansoy                                                                                                                                  

      2.  Soledad/ Juan Genciagan                


     a.  Eduardo, Sr./Ledilla Albacis             

           Gale Ian, Gleah, Eduardo, Jr. , Gela                                                   

     b.  Perlita/ Nilo Alao


           Glina, Nilo, Jr. ,Jennifer                                            

     c.  Julieta/  Ernesto Abad                        


         Glacy,  Hazel                                

     d.  Francisco/                                                                                                                                                                                     

 e.  Corazon/Donaldo Pallon                    

  f.  Gemma                                         

 g.  Victoria/ Raul Tiempo                                                                                                                                                                         

 h.  Haydee                                              

  3.  Pedro / Gaudencia Orejas                                                                                                                                              


 a. Marisa                                                                                                                   

 b.  Menandro/

    c.  Chito /

    d.  Lisa / Bernardo Tapnio

     e.  Gina / Dexter Lacson

      f.  Grace

       g.  Fe

       h.  Randy / Darlene

  4.  Eusebio/ Catalina/ Catalina Gajelomo


a.  Julius /

    Juhlay, Julgem Lee

  b.  Corazon

  c.  Rosita

  d. Rosallie                                                                     

   5.  Alberto

3. Leoncio Sr. /Agapita  J. Hermoso

1. Leoncio Jr. /Estela Jo- Tayko

    a.  Leoncio III /Leonida Cataluña

Siblings :

Roselwynne /




Shiela Ruth/ ___ Yrad

1. kate

2. Jethro

3. Oliver

4. Jamele

Sheila Mae


b. Lea / separated  Amadeo Arrieta


1. Aaron

2. Alabel

3. Claudine

4.  Janfifth

5. Meryl

c. Lemuel/ 1 wife _____2 wife  Cecile Divinagracia




d.Loyda / Lorenzo Fontelo

1. Maeve

2.Elaine Grace +


e. Ludwina /_________Roxas

1. Raffy ( Rafael )


F.Luthgarde / first wife___ & SECOND WIFE __________




G. Lenette T. Uy & Eduardo L. Uy

1. Nhel Elwynd

2. Nicole


2. Leonita/ Tomas Carcuevas

a. Lilibeth/ Dr. Edwin Navarro


b. Cecille /Rhiniel Miranda



3. Leoner ( SINGLE)

4. Leonilo /Soledad Echica

Siblings :

   a. Leoncio IV /Angelita S. Salin

Siblings :

Ma Angellee

Ma. Lea

John Leo

John Geo

   b. Leonsoile /Celestino Mero

       Mark Lester, Chester,

       Debonair, Edu Dominic

c. Verna Joy

5. Leonaga/ Josefino Vicente V. Larena Sr.


  a. Joseleo ( Jojo ) -Rhena Pascual

  -Joren Mae

b. Josefino Jr. ( Penn )

6. Leoncita/ Alejandro Suasin

Siblings :

a. Alvin Leo /Marife Pis-an

– Marvin

– Mae

b. Aldwin Leo/ Christine Somoza- Zamora


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