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Stamp exhibit @ Dr. Robert Silliman Library

The Dumaguete Stamp Collectors Club is an organization of philatelic enthusiasts coming from Dumaguete and its neighboring towns. From a loose organization of friends who started meeting in July 2009, the group formally organized the Club on December 1, 2009 with the signing of its By-Laws by the founding members: Gary Rosales, Allan Uy Matiao, Mimi Caro, Aidalyn Arabe, Lito Diago, Richard Rauscher and Penn Larena. On the same date, the Club opened its first non-competitive exhibit at the Colegio de Sta. Catalina which was then celebrating its 50th Foundation Day. The next month, another non-competitive exhibit was held at Foundation University Museo de Vicente during the 60th year of the school.

The Club aims to promote the advancement of stamp collecting as a means of strengthening love of country and fostering international understanding and friendship. Members are given opportunities to display their stamp collections in non-competitive and competitive exhibitions.

The Silliman University together with Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee, August 21-28, 2010 exhibit entitled Nature, Culture, and History Through Stamps: An Exhibition will feature Philippine stamps from the Spanish Dominion, American and Japanese Occupations, Commonwealth and Republic periods as well as those coming from different countries the world over.


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21th years of Stamp collecting 1989-2010

Hi! Everyone, Warm Greetings, This year I am celebrating the 21th years as a postal stamp collector.I started collecting Postal Stamp since 1989 as a grade school pupil of C.V.P.C. ( Negros Oriental STATE University ) in Dumaguete City,I would like to appeal to relatives,friends and fellow citizen in the Philippines and around the world. If you have old postal stamp or old letter with stamp  frm. the Philippines,Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Pacific Islands,Europe,South America,Central America,North America ( Canada) and USA. Your old stamp from all over the world would add to my collection to preserve a wonderful tradition of History,People,Events,and the different Era that was,every stamp tell us a story. Pls do send it to me,

Mr. Penn Larena, Dumaguete City Tourism Council c/o City Tourism Office Quezon Park,Sta. Catalina St. Dumaguete City,Negros Oriental Philippines

Take care,More Power and More Power

Mr.Penn Larena

 Stamp Collector

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