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Prayers 4 my mama Gud Health

Prayers 4 my mama Gud Health

To all my my relatives & friends pls continue to pray 4 gud health and Healing 4 mama Gand Tulabing Larena


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December 22, 2012 · 7:30 am

Remembering Demetrio “Tito Pororoy” Teves Larena III

Demetrio Teves Larena III was born Oct. 16,1946 in Bais City the son of  Carmen Baena Teves and former Bais Mayor Dodong Rubio Larena, the grandson of Gov. Demetrio Larena the first civil governor of Negros Oriental and great grandson of Don Pedro Pinili Teves. A devoted Protestant and first City Agriculturist of Bais.


Tito Poroyroy to all of us a first degree cousin, best friend & eight time relative to my late father Pino Villanueva Larena.They grow up together with good things around them, he is the Godfather of my eldest brother Jojo.I often  see him in family gatherings in Bais and San Jose. During my college days when our family experienced financial difficulties  help us  to make our life better.When Tito Pororoy heard that I already finished my  masters degrees, he  texted me before my graduation rites and congratulated me. ” Congrats i am so proud of you “.Tito never end support always there for us from time to time we see each other in Silliman University Church and most especially after church service and talk, the last time i saw him was a memorial service for tita Alming Ponce de leon Hidalgo.


I  will miss him for the wisdom, encouragement, appreciation of all the works i done for our community. He is a person who helped our relatives who are in need and a Pilar to the Larena Clan, organized  Katacgahan Cemetery visits, party, collecting old pictures of our relatives, and organized reunion for our clan, jokes and gentle laugh.


Jojo and  i lost again a father  thru tito Pororoy .But i know that he will be meeting God, his best friend Papa Pino , lolo Dodong & Lolo David.Thank you for take care of Mama, Jojo and me.


I will remember him as part of our family our knight in shining armor and our Hero .He will always be in our heart and soul as a Goodman to relatives and close-friends with a golden hearts, who loved history and preserving our family heritage.


We will miss all your invitations and texts, I am not saying goodbye or Farewell to you tito but i hope to see you in the near future.


Thank you so much for your eternal generosity to our family and keeping a beautiful Memories with us .We Love you so much.

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LORENZO CIMAFRANCA a World War II Hero of Dumaguete

 When World War II broke out on December 7,1941,he was a young man then enjoying his studies at Silliman University.Lorenzo learned of the resistance movement being organized in the mountains through the late Major Juan Dominado who invited him to join the guerrillas.Ensong detailed in the Intelligence section under Lt.Dominado and was immediately assigned to the occupied area in Dumaguete City.His task was to gather information regarding Japanese Troop movements to secure medical and office supplies.On one of these occasions,He was assigned to deliver two letters one letter from Dr. Robert Silliman ( sent thru the Atty Rodrigo Tugade) for the late Ambassador Jose M.Romero and another letter from Lt. Dominado for Engineer Eduardo Blanco,complete set of blue prints covering in detail the lay out of the Dumaguete airfield. Their was a time that the Resistance Movement will go to their house to met with the group.One afternoon as he approached Eng. Blanco’s house,He saw Engineer Jovenal Somoza ( Blanco’s assistant) that was the last time he saw Somoza alive ( Cimafranca recalled). One Cloudy and rainy afternoon this plan was placed inside the iron bars of his bicycle rolled map covered with manila paper rolled the map as small as he could tightened as small as possible it with a rubber band which he brought along,and inserted the map into the bar of the bike.Then put back the seat. Blanco was happy before he left,and told him that in three day’s time,if everything went well one time he pass by the Blanco’s house biking without showing the faintest recognition although there was a sort of smile on his lips that was the last time I saw him alive ( Cimafranca recalled). Months later many prominent people in Dumaguete were arrested by the Japanese.One by one those arrested were released,except the four,Blanco,Somoza,Chi, and Portuguese by the name of Silva while Ensong was in Palinpinon in Valencia Town but the Japanese was looking for him in their house near downtown area. September 22,1945 the 503rd U.S. Airborne Division at Guinsoan Zamboanguita,under the coconut trees a military surrender ceremony was solemnly enacted.The surrender took only around thirty minutes.Lt Juan Dominado and Lorenzo were the only Filipino witness and photographer the said historical event and the end of the Occupation. Before and after World War II he worked in their family owned company”The Uymatiao trading”Tnat.Sgt.Lorenzo A. Cimafranca rendered continue us service with the same organization from the time he was indicated into the military service until 26,April 1945.When he was transferred to the CIC,488TH Detachment,United States Army under the command of 2nd Lt.Henry Willy,USA.,he was attached to and returned back to his original unit which was by that time had been re-activated as the 3rd Battalion,53rd Infantry P.A. seventh military district of United States forces in the Philippines. Recognized his service as an Intelligence secret agent and military services during World War II by the Armed forces of the Philippines and a “Service Decorations Awarded given in June 12,1968 in Manila.One of our surviving war hero in Negros Oriental.His experience,Knowledge,Bravery and memorable treasure stories teach us to respect our motherland and fellowmen to love and protect our freedom.

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