The GEOPANO Clan of Guihulngan & Vallehermoso Negros Oriental

Bernus of Puan are related to this family name, Hermoso,Olladas,Gayapa, Perez ,Valmayor,Navarro.


. 1)Maria GEOPANO married to BERNUS

        a)Filomina BERNUS married BORJA

        b)Juan G. BERNUS married to A. ENDRINA

       c) Cipriana G.BERNUS married to E.BASCONES

       d)Rosario G. BERNUS married to P.Sergion

       e) Endrique G. BERNUS married to S. Buenavista

       f) Jose G. BERNUS married to A. Buenavista

       g)Vicente G. BERNUS married to Conchita

       h) Natividad G. BERNUS married to Endriquez/Macalua

       I) Manuel G. BERNUS married to F. Gella/Moring B.


 2)Maria Milagros “Isang “GEOPANO married to  Pedro Alejandro  HERMOSO

    Children :  a)Juana G. Hermoso married to Jose “Pepe” Perez ( Canla-on City )

                     b)Cirilo G. Hermoso married to Timotia  Jungoy


                              Patrocinio J. Hermoso- Jesus S. Baena   

                              Agapita lola Pitang  Hermoso – Prof. Leoncio  B. Tulabing

                             Pedro lolo kid Hermoso –

                             Purification Hermoso-__________ Villegas


                     c)Tutong G. Hermoso married to Luisa


3)  Maria “Insiang” GEOPANO married to  Ciriaco OLLADAS

        : a)Acoy OLLADAS married to Fortunata Sergion

          b) Elena OLLADAS married to Abalayan

          c) Esang OLLADAS married to Gayapa

          d) Gunday OLLADAS married to Benito Navarro


 4) Maria Narcisca “Sisay “GEOPANO married to Don Diego de la vina .


                a. Lina Liling G. De la Vina married to Jose Valmayor  San Carlos City

                b) Atonia G.Dela Vina married to  Juan Perez ( From Panubigan / canla- on) 

                c. Amalia G. Dela Vina married to Prudencio Fernandez


the GEOPANO of Guihulngan are also our relatives , the olds ate cousins of out Lolo and Lola.



Thank you so much & God bless u  Willena Bernus Villaester


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  1. Ricardo Perez

    Very interested in reading the name of Juana g. Hermoso. & Jose “Pepe” Perez .

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