Absin House of Dumaguete

The Christmas House is a one-of-a-kind legacy initiated by Dr. Rico Absin, an anesthesiologist in the city. For the past 21 years, visiting the Christmas House has become a tradition for all Dumagueteños.

Each year for the past 21 years all the young and the young-at-heart flock to the bedecked Spanish mansion of one Dr. Rico Absin, a practicing anesthesiologist in his early 50s, who has successfully created an institution out of a genuine passion for art and decoration.

This is the Dumaguete Christmas house!! This is a must see place when you happend to be around Dumaguete City during the Christmas season! This house is adorned with thousands of Christmas lights inside and out! Dr. Absin is a member of the BOT of St. Paul University

Dumaguete,co-chairman of the City TourismCouncil and chairman of  the friend of the Absin Christmas charites Inc.


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