Tulabing family Heritage Story


The Massive migration was rampant during the Spanish Era especially in the Southern part of Cebu.They transferred to the Nearby Negros Island for the

single reason of Spanish conflicts during that time another reason for greener pasture rampant killing of farmers,robbers and land grabbing.Tulabing Clan originally from the Historic Southern town of Cebu called Ginatilan

was once a barrio of the Municipality of Samboan. The place got its name from the word “Hinatdan” due to the frequent bringing of necessary things needed in the celebration of the mass, so the place was called “HINATDAN” and was later changed to “Ginatilan” since the Spanish Officials Found it hard to pronounce the word “HINATDAN”,one of the barrio called “Palanas”.When they hear that a place Tanay ( now Tanjay City ) in Negros Oriental .Hacienda is need of workers in the Plantation the favorable opportunities brought them to Negros Islands in 1857.The Tulabing Brothers lead by Fabian Tulabing a hard working man with a Chinese ancestry suddenly try to worked in the Haciendas as Farm Administrator and after a year they return to Palanas Ginatilan Cebu sold some property and fisherman bancas,acquired lands planted with Sugar Cane in Tanay ( now Tanjay City).

The  family built a community and name the place ” Palanas” nameafter their barrio in the town of Ginatilan.The fiesta of the barrio May 3 Sta. Cruz .

The family decided to sold some property to Spanish Haciendero Don Felix Montenegro and during the American Occupation they solded hectares of the lands to the Spanish Businessmen from Madrid and Barcelona Spain called Tabacalera who established the Central A zucarera Bais in 1918 the first sugar mills in Asia.Most of the family members worked in the Sugar Central in the Paper Division,Mill Sites,cook chef by the visiting Spanish family most of them are head of the company and caretaker of the Casa Grande and Casa Soltiro.

In this connection the story of Simplicio Tulabing married to Chinese-Spanish mestizo Francisca Torres Burquiran a budbud maker a town popular native delicacy they called it ” budbud de Tanjay”,Quirino the eldest son as a young boy he moved to Manila and later on he worked in the Pampanga Sugar Mills Co.,while his brother Leoncio is considered as the youngest and the pioneer public school teacher in Negros Oriental,he started teaching at the age of 12 in 1920s in the remote areas in Guihulngan ( a new city in the Province).It was the scarcity of teachers during the middle part of the American Occupation,but the Outbreak of  World War II decided him to joined as a soldier during the War as a Supply Officer,his family move to the mountainside of Tanjay and Bais.After the War thru his determination to finish a college degree he continued his education course at Foundation University in Dumaguete City ,one of the scholar teacher of Dr. Vicente G, Sinco and a Masters in Education in the same University ( one of the best American school in the city),Leoncio rose as a school principal in the different public schools around Negros Oriental,he met his wife in the historic town of  Vallehermoso Agapita J. Hermoso a descendants of famous Negrense Heros Don Deigo de la Viña,Pantaleon ” Leon Kilat” Villegas and Don Ciriaco Ollades.Other Brothers Live in Sta Cruz Tanjay the family tita Regina,one of the daughter Josefina “CHEF FINA”Catubay was featured in a lifestyle magazine in cebu as a culinary chef,Pedro Tulabing tita Regina’s brother was brought to Pampanga in his younger days by lolo Quirino,Soledad Tulabing-Genciagan who settled in the Southern part of Negros Bayawan City her son Ed Tulabing Genciagan is a famous agriculturist in Bayawan City Gotaciano Jaime Tulabing the son of lolo Quirino passed away on May 6, 2008 at 1:45AM.   He was 67 years old.  His loving wife, Florita, of almost 40 years and his family were always at his side.He was known as Jaime to some, went by Gotic by others, used the nickname of Noy, and some even referred to him by Jimmy.  In other words, I feel that I have the indirect honor of being named after my father.  I do distinctly remember when my dad’s naval buddies were around, they would call him Jimmy and refer to me as Jimmie boy.   It’s been a long time since anyone has called me that.  The last person to refer to me as such was my father.  It will be one of many cherished memories.Starting off with that story, it makes me think of a few things.  As my brother John mentioned in our official first family meeting, “What do you need to do to get some closure?”  The old adage of putting pen to paper doesn’t really apply here, so I’ll put keystrokes to digital display and take it from there.  E-mail will be my medium and everyone on this e-mail list will be my audience.Here is a condensed story of my father.  He came from humble origins.  His father, Quirino, was from the Visaya region of the Philippines and his mother, Maria Encarnacion, was from the Pampanga region.  He has 5 sisters and 1 brother.  As fate would have it, he lost the guiding hand of his mother at an early age.  She succumbed to Tuberculosis.   He lost his father many years later due to a tragic traffic accident.. As a young man, he ended up joining the U.S. Navy which gave him the opportunity to see the world.   As a young boy, I was always fascinated with the pictures of all the places he had been.  He later met and married my mother, Florita Legaspi Olalia, and had 4 children Jimmie (Francia), Anne (Adonis), John (Cheryl), and Joseph (Marjorie).  Of which, they have 7 grandchildren: Danielle, Samantha, Sage, Noelle, Alexandra, Chloe & Javier.

As I was growing up, I do have some fond memories of my dad.  When we made the cross-country move to California, I had a favorite book that would never leave my side.  The book was a pictorial history of various types of locomotives.  It was because of that book that I got the greatest gift from Santa (daddy) that year, a train set.  My father would hook it up on the kitchen table, put one of his lit cigarettes in the chimney stack, and I would watch that train go in circles without once getting bored!Another memory I had was of my sister and I helping my dad with his flash cards.  We didn’t realize the significance of it then, but we were actually helping him memorize zip codes for his new job at the US Postal Service in Oakland. I believe he started working there around 1977 To us, it was just a fun game to play with dad.  When he guessed wrong, it was with much amusement that we would ask him to guess again!  As a benefit, he ended up combing his military service and civil service into a pension package from the Federal government. The Motown sound, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond,and Harry Belafonte, what do these genres/singers have in common?   Nothing really!  My dad just enjoyed the music!  Whether it was listening to his old vinyl records, playing an ancient 8-track, or listening to the cassette tape in the car, we knew what was coming.   Wait for it…….did you hear the echo?   That’s right!  My dad sang along with the music, but it wasn’t a synchronized sound.  When he sang, his words were always off by a few seconds making him sound like an echo.  But he enjoyed it, so who were we to correct him?  To this day, I’ve refused to put in the DVD player/Video game system in the back of the car as I’ve encouraged my kids to sing or play games on those long road trips like we did when we were growing up.  In fact, my brother Joe reminded me of one of his favorite songs:  Mama look a booboo by Harry Belfonte.  My dad was a character.  He would sing that song just to get a rise out of my mom and give us a reason to laugh.

A few years ago, I began the process of trying to trace my ancestral lineage.  By the power of the Internet I found a few relatives who in turn helped fill in the details that I did not know about my paternal grandfather and where he came from.   My father didn’t have the details so I did the research so that he could know too.  What I found was more than I could have ever expected.  It actually brought tears to his eyes and I was glad to see his joy when he was given him that information ( Jimmie Tulabing jtulabing@comcast.net ).

Some famous relatives in this clan are the family of Francisco Tulabing married to Primitiva Du the proud parents of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Dumaguete Msgr.Rev.Gamaliel Du-Tulabing JCD the pioneer in Central Visayas of Doctor of the Cannon laws,the only daughter is also in the serving of  our Lord Sis.Cherry Tulabing and his youngest son Hilgard Tulabing is a fireman of Bais City Fire Station.Teodoro Tulabing a retired Bais Sugar Central employee was working in the paper division he was Known as lolo Odon his family is now residing in Da-o St. Daro Dumaguete City. Tomas Tulabing the first cousin of Quirino & Leoncio Tulabing the eldest son Priciouscimo Tulabing he got married in Cebu, the father of Manuel ” Manny” Tulabing a chef in an international cargo ship married to Dr. Daisy Tulabing an opthalmogist.Hospicia Tulabing Manjero another daughter of lolo Tomeas the family is residing in Rotea Subd.( it used to be the fisherman village) Tanjay City.Berto Tulabing Macay is another famous family member his son-in-law Supt. Juanito Condes an award-winning policeman and the chief of police of Tanjay City and his son  Hon. Karl Condes is one of the City Councilor of Tanjay.The Banogon Rosario family is a family of medical doctor most of the grandchildren are Doctor of Silliman University Medical Center and Manila Philippines General Hospital. The Tulabing family is the founding people of Palanas ( meaning flat lands),one of the most progress barangay and one of the biggest barangay of the City.Today Palanas in now divided into two barangay Sta.Cruz Nuevo and Sta.Cruz Viejo.The only barangay has a parish church,Hacienda Chapel,Mojon Chapel of the Sugar Central,Plaza,Public Schools ( both in Elementary and High School ),Public Market and Camp Leon Kilat of the Philippines Army.The family is now composed of scholar,educator,storyteller,culinary chef ,soldiers,professionals, nurse and serving the church & spending the word of God.The family heritage continue to teach their children and grandchildren the values of having a good education to have a bright future and to be Christ center indivduals.

One of Tanjay’s pioneer family that helped the development of the City.



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    frm.Penn Tulabing-Larena

  2. PJ Villanueva

    Congrats to the Tulabing clan of Tanjay Negros Oriental i hope ur relatives will add more family history

  3. Morris Albert Tulabing

    wow! I had the same result during my research…unfortunately, tulabing’s vast land in palanas is almost gone 😦

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