Casa Larena 1790

Casa Rubio Ancestral Home
By the Bais historian Penn T.Villanueva- Larena

Casa Rubio ( Now Casa Larena) was built in 1790 by the Spanish Architect Danilo Castillo- Montegrande but the interior was made by local carpenter. The house was owned by Don RODRIGO Antonio Camilo Rubio this was a gift to his second wife Doña Ma Lourdes “ Canuta” Villacampa Rubio. Largely patterned after the residences of Europeans at first,the Spaniards in particular,most of these houses are rectangular with spacious rooms for large family. The gate entrance hallway ( ZAGUAN)usually leads to the patio and the ground floor of the stone room, stable, coaches and servants quarters were located.

The first owners were Don Rodrigo Antonio Carmilo Rubio and his family. After World War II the house was inherited by a niece of the family Doña Milagros Perequit vda de Valdevia.The original owners has five Children Braulio Rubio became a councilor of the local government unit of Bais , Carmen married to Juanito Saavedra a famous Political leader and served many position in government during the Spanish and American Rule ,Josefina a well known haciendara and married to Don Demetrio Larena the first Civil Governor of Negros Oriental and Co-founder of Silliman University, Maria married to Don Juan Montenegro later on became the Vice Governor and Acting Governor and Faustina married to Sugar Planter Manuel Gonzales .

The house by the Antillan or Balay na Tisa standard is built of cut stone corals ( tablea ) and timber for the second floor. A place in the town venue to many remarkable event in our Negrense History such as parties, political meetings and visitors from the diplomatic community like Pres. Manuel Quezon,Sergio Osmeña,US President William Howard Taft, American Governor General Leonard Wood ,Dr and Mrs David and Laura Hibbard founders of Silliman University and Vice President Noel de Castro.

House was the venue to the first bible services in the Northern Negros Local UCCP Protestant Church and Family founded the church in 1909.The present owner Demetrio”Puroroy” Larena III and family a lover of history and Continue a family heritage.

House of the Pioneer Protestant family in Central Visayas

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